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HANDSHAKE IN SPACE is an anonymous Swedish EDM artist, hailing from Stockholm, has quickly made a name for themselves in the electronic dance music scene.

Despite their desire to remain anonymous, their talent and passion for music cannot be denied. Growing up in Stockholm, this artist was surrounded by a rich cultural scene and diverse array of music. From a young age, they were deeply immersed in the world of music and spent countless hours listening to and studying various genres.

As they got older, they began experimenting with electronic production and found a particular love for EDM.

As their skills grew, so did their reputation. They began performing at local clubs and festivals, quickly gaining a dedicated following. Their high-energy performances and unique production style have earned them a place among the top emerging artists in the Swedish EDM scene.


Despite their desire for anonymity, this artist’s talent and passion for music have earned them a dedicated following and a bright future in the world of EDM.

Music is what feelings sounds like.

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